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Since 1988, Fitz’z Service has been St. Louis, MO, and surrounding area’s specialists when it comes to your vehicles’ steering column and all other specialty needs.

Diagnosed Right the First Time

Whether in need of simple diagnostics or more in-depth services, Fitz’z technicians are here to ensure your vehicle is diagnosed right the first time and repaired quickly to get you back on the road!

Steering Column Steering Column Repair

We service all types of steering columns and have repaired and replaced over 50,000 columns since opening our doors. Our technicians specialize in all makes and models, both foreign and domestic. Many of our customers ship their steering columns to us for rebuilding across the United States. Call us for details!

We offer any work on your steering column including:
– Locksmith Services
– Theft Recovery
– Ignition Work
– Actuator Replacement
– Complete Rebuild of New and Vintage Steering Columns.

Our thousands of satisfied customers will tell you that we’re the BEST in the business with all work guaranteed. Call us today!

Airbag Replacement Airbag Replacement Services & Parts

At Fitz’z Airbag Service we don’t service cars, we help people. We are the industry leader in air bag, Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) and electrical repair. All of our technicians receive specialized training, and our organization invests in the tools and technology needed to retain our position of leadership. We also repair and replace wiring harnesses. The safety of the people that ride in the vehicles we service has always been and will continue to be our top priority.

Computer Programming Automotive Diagnostics & Programming

Next time you’re looking at a dealer-level problem, call Fitz’z Service first and see if we can save you time, money or both.

Fitz’z Service can support your diagnostic needs well beyond the airbags and other components of the SRS. With scan tools for most makes and models, our mobile technicians can scan power-train systems, body control systems, chassis systems and more. We have access to many hard to find diagnostic tools, such as the Korean diagnostic tool G-Scan, also known as the Kia scan tool and Hyundai scan tool.

By using our mobile service, you eliminate towing risk, reduce your cycle-time and keep possession of the vehicle and the customer.

Take Advantage of our Diagnostic Knowledge – Our technicians are clearing hundreds of codes a day. They enter that experience into our proprietary software. This experience far exceeds OEM-only training or what can be learned even in a multi-site body shop chain.

When you call an Airbag Service technician, you gain access to that diagnostic knowledge. That, combined with convenient mobile service helps you reduce your severity and cycle-times. When your shop-efficiency matters; call Fitz’z Service first before going to the dealer.

Automotive Locksmithing Automotive Locksmith Services

At Fitz’z Service we are your “one-stop-shop” for all automotive locksmith services!
– Do you need a spare key?
– Did you lose your keys?
– Is your Key FOB malfunctioning?
– Do you need a new Key FOB programmed?
– Is your key getting stuck in your ignition?

Call us today and schedule an appointment! We can fix it all for you!

Key fob programming Instrument Cluster Repair

– Is your speedometer not working correctly?
– Does your fuel gauge float back and forth?
– Does your gear selector indicator not work?
– Is there a backlight burned out on your instrument cluster?

We can fix it at Fitz’z Service. Call us today and we’ll get it repaired for you quickly!

Wireless backup camera Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), are systems to help the driver in the driving process. When designed with a safe human-machine interface, they should increase car safety, and more generally, road safety.

Fitz’z calibrates most domestic and off-shore vehicles. Our technicians are I-CAR trained to get you back on the road quickly.

Ignition Ignition Repair

We are experts at all types of ignition repair, whether it is on the steering column or in the dash.
– Is your key stuck in the ignition?
– Did you break off your key?
– Will your ignition not turn?
– Does your ignition spin 360 degrees?
– Do you have to push in hard on your ignition to get it to start?
– Are you turning your key, but your engine won’t crank?

We can fix all of these issues and many more so that you can get back on the road again and enjoy driving your vehicle!

Theft Recovery Theft Recovery

– Was your car stolen and the thief destroyed your ignition?
– Will your key no longer function because the anti-theft deterrent system was compromised?
– Are the wires in your steering column cut or damaged?
– Is your steering column destroyed?

Our professional technicians can repair or replace as needed the entire steering column based on the damage. We are experts in programming new columns and transponders and re-keying the entire vehicle in the event the thief took your keys. Call us and we’ll fix it like new for you!

And More Auto Repair Towing Services

Are you unable to drive your vehicle safely, but need to get it to the shop for repairs? At Fitz’z Service we partner with a highly reputable towing service that will bring your automobile directly to our shop. Please call us for a quote!

Electrical Electrical Work

– Do your headlights work intermittently?
– Are your turn signals flashing quickly?
– Does your radio not function properly?
– Do you have warning lights that stay on?

Our trained technicians will quickly diagnose and provide a solution so that you are on the road soon!

Specialized Parts Specialized Parts

Are you having a difficult time finding a part for an older vehicle? Have you called a dealer or parts store and been told the part is obsolete?

There is a good chance we may have the part you are looking for or know someone who has it. Give us a call so we can help you today!

Mobile Units Mobile Service

Our experienced technicians have mobile-ready units stocked with most of the parts needed to repair your vehicle. We’ll come to you on your schedule and convenience to take care of your automobile. Please call ahead for an appointment!

Automotive Computer Scanning And more!

Fitz'z Mobile Services